Training For Real Life

Here at Happy Dog Acres we do things a little bit different.
Our positive reinforcement, games-based training method
focuses on getting your dog ready for real-life situations.

We offer both group training and private, one-one-one training sessions.  
To view currently available group classes view "All Classes" at the bottom of this page.

Games-based training is so much fun!  Learn how playing with your dog just a few minutes at a time can get their brain ready for situations in which they find themselves. 

Our focus is on setting your dog up for success - everyone loves to win!  You want your dog ready for real-life, so we focus on what we DO want, rather than focusing on problems. This way of learning is powerful and you will be amazed by your dog's progress. 

Not only will your dog will learn basic cues like sit, down, and leave-it. But also necessary skills such as calmness, focus, confidence, and grit! Everything they need to succeed outside of class.

Building a relationship between you and your dog is so rewarding!  Training together creates a bond; you and your dog communicate better with each other, and develop trust - essential components of any relationship. 

Our training classes and private training sessions currently take place in our training barn which has a
gravel floor and is not heated or air conditioned—please dress appropriately for the weather.  

Please review our Training Policies by clicking here.  These should be reviewed prior to registering for a course. 

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 "Always awesome to spend time with someone who understand dogs like Kelly does. She put a new perspective on trying to understand the behavior of my dog. Now I need to find someone that can help me with my wife! LOL

Maisie's Dad