Training Policies

Dress for Success 
 Our recommendation for in-class success with your dog is a “Y-front” harness that has both a front and back clip, and a 6’ leash. If your dog does not have a harness, then a flat collar with a 6’ leash will be okay. A Gentle Leader or Muzzle will be okay as needed. We do not allow pinch or prong collars, choke collars, or shock collars. We also do not allow retractable leashes.

Arrival to Class 
 When you arrive to class, your pup should stay in the car.  Please do not allow your dog to greet other dogs. Allow your dog to have a potty break in the designated area before the start of class. The humans will chat for a bit, and then your instructor will provide direction on removing pups from vehicles. When you enter the class space, please maintain a distance from other dogs and their handlers at the doorway and as you take your spot.

Approaching and Petting Dogs 
 Please maintain distance from other dogs in the class. Some dogs do not feel comfortable being approached or petted. Other dogs are highly excited by people approaching and touching them. We want to give all attendants the best opportunity to learn in the class environment. If you have children with you, please do not allow them to approach or pet other dogs.

Illness and Attendance 
 If you are ill or have any respiratory symptoms, please do not attend class. If your dog is ill, please remain home until the issue has resolved. Consult a veterinarian if necessary. You will be offered the opportunity to make up the lessons that you missed.

Female Dogs in Heat 
 Please contact your instructor if your dog comes into heat during our class cycle.  Do NOT bring her to class until you have consulted with Happy Dog Acres by phone.

Group Class vs. Private Lesson 
 Here at Happy Dog Acres, we believe that no dog is lost and want to help you with your individual needs, whatever the situation might be. If you register for a group class, and it turns out that this is not the best option for you or your dog, we will work with you to schedule private lessons or a behavior consultation.

 If your dog has ever bitten a person or another dog (excluding puppy biting - teething, etc.), please call us before registering for class. We want to make sure that you and your dog have the best learning opportunity, so we will help you decide on the best plan for you and your dog.

Our classes are held outdoors
  Please plan accordingly with plenty of water for you and your pup, sunscreen, hats, cooling mats, hats, gloves, layers or other items you feel are appropriate—plan for any weather.

Children in Class 
 We encourage children to join you in class! Please observe our guidelines for their participation: A parent or legal guardian must accompany all minors (under 18). Children must remain under parental supervision at all times. Please have them stay seated during lecture times, and at your side during the exercises. For you to have the best learning experience possible, we recommend that any child under 10 has another adult or sibling in class to keep them on track. If you feel your child may become restless during class, feel free to bring quiet activities that he or she would enjoy. Children are a great distraction to dogs that are learning! However, we only want to use that distraction at appropriate times, so please make sure your child is aware that they are not to interact with other dogs at the class.

 We require the following vaccines for dogs over the age of 16 weeks: Rabies and Distemper combo with Parvo.  For puppies under 16 weeks, they should have age-appropriate vaccinations per your veterinarian to participate in a group class. They must have had at least two rounds of the distemper with parvo combo for their safety. We also strongly recommend a flea & tick preventative for all dogs old enough. Many of our classes work in an outdoor environment. Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records to the first class so that we can view them; we do not keep records.

 We accept payment by PayPal, Venmo, cash, check, or credit card. Payment is required to reserve your spot in a class.

Refund Policies
  Group Classes and Workshops: We do not offer refunds for any cancellations with less than seven days notice.
  Private Training, Behavior Consults, Board & Train and Packages: Refunds are not offered for these services. We work very hard to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience, and if you have any issues, please do not hesitate to discuss right away so that we can work together.